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    4 places in Hainan establish 'Greater Sanya' Tourism Marketing Alliance

    ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-10-29

    In order to promote the integrated marketing of regional resources and the common development of the "Greater Sanya" tourism circle, the "Greater Sanya" Tourism Marketing Alliance was established in Sanya on Oct 27.

    The alliance was led by the Sanya tourism promotion bureau and jointly launched by the tourism promotion departments in Hainan's Lingshui county, Baoting county and Ledong county.

    The alliance set up a board of directors and a secretariat. The secretariat is stationed at the Sanya Federation of Tourism Industry Associations. There are currently 27 member units, which are composed of "Greater Sanya" key tourism enterprises, and more member units will join the alliance in the future.

    "The establishment of the tourism marketing alliance is a significant milestone for our scenic spot as well as for the high-quality development of the 'Greater Sanya' tourism economic circle," said a member of the alliance.

    After the establishment of the alliance, the four cities and counties will exchange and cooperate in the tourism industry more frequently, and jointly create a tourism economic growth pole in southern Hainan as well as help the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, said Wu Xiaolin, the executive deputy director of the Sanya tourism promotion bureau.


    The "Greater Sanya" Tourism Marketing Alliance is established in Sanya on Oct 27. [Photo/Chinesenews.com]