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    Wanning attracts surfers over May Day holiday

    ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-05-09

    During this year's May Day holiday, Wanning, Hainan province organized a series of water activities like electric surfboard experiences, sailing camp, fishing experiences, and yacht fishing that attracted many visitors.

    "I was able to stand up the first time I surfed. It was so cool and so fun," said Guan Xing on May 3 at Riyue Bay in Wanning.

    It was Guan's first time surfing and he came to Riyue Bay during the May Day holiday with the goal of trying water surfing.

    The clear water of Riyue Bay, as well as its suitable water temperature and mild waves make it a very popular place for beginners to experience surfing.

    Wanning resident Wu Na also went surfing at Riyue Bay during the May Day holiday. She and her family rode to Xinglong in the morning and went straight to Riyue Bay in the afternoon. "I planed to spend the May Day holiday on the island. I went to Qionghai and Qiongzhong the first two days and plan to surf every day here for the next three days.

    According to Wu Runquan, who is in charge of a local surfing club, the bays of Shimei, Riyue, and Nanyan are all suitable for surfing, with Riyue Bay being the best place due to its natural scenery and waves.

    At present, Riyue Bay has opened four surfing clubs and built a number of inns, which receives 50,000 or 60,000 tourists annually. 

    It is suitable for surfing 300 days a year, so it is also the venue for the winter training of the national surfing team, as well as the provincial and municipal surfing teams, according to Wu.

    The training scene of the surfing athletes often attracts many surfing enthusiasts, he added.

    Riyue Bay hosts international surfing events from November to March every year, in which the world's top surfers compete against each other on this special "arena".

    As a result of these advantages, Wanning has been making surfing an important part of its tourism industry. According to an official from the CPC Wanning Municipal Committee, the city is polishing the brands of these international surfing events to promote the high-quality development of its tourism market and to bolster sports tourism consumption.

    In the future, Wanping will continue to build a world-class surfing resort and strive to build an industrial ecology chain.



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